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National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery named after Academician N.N. Burdenko

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About the clinic

The largest neurological surgical institution in the Russian Federation, with leading positions in the world. The center has modern equipment and a unique professional team.

In the neurosurgery center, highly qualified specialists conduct scientific activities, diagnostics, and treatment of patients of all ages in the following areas: neuro-oncology, vascular diseases; pediatric neurosurgery; cranial and brain trauma; functional neurosurgery; peripheral nerve and spinal cord pathology; radiosurgery and radiology.

Every year, specialists from the National Center perform about 10,000 neurosurgical interventions.

Alongside the leading neurosurgical centers in the world, doctors at the N.N. Burdenko Neurosurgery Center mostly perform minimally invasive surgeries, using various visualization methods such as intraoperative MRI and CT scans; radiosurgery and robotic surgery.

In their work, doctors use surgical, endoscopic, intravascular, and stereotactic methods, thanks to which the specialists at the center can treat a wide range of nervous system diseases: tumors of various locations; vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord; consequences of cranial and brain trauma; hydrocephalus of various etiology; spinal hernias; muscular dystonia; Parkinson's disease; cerebral palsy in children; essential tremor, hyperkinetic disorders; trigeminal neuralgia, and a range of other diseases.

The National Medical Research Center of Neurosurgery consists of a diagnostic complex with computerized and magnetic resonance tomography; an operating unit; two departments of pediatric neurosurgery; two departments of vascular neurosurgery; four neuro-oncology departments; a neurotraumatology department; a department of spinal cord and spine pathology; a department of intensive care and intensive therapy. The staff includes 1450 employees. Consultative assistance, recommendations, diagnostics, and treatment are provided by professors of the neurosurgery department with courses in neuroscience, doctors and candidates of sciences, academicians, corresponding members, and professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Currently, the National Center for Neurosurgery coordinates the development of all neurosurgical medicine in the Russian Federation. The fundamental mission of the National Center is to provide highly qualified assistance to patients with nervous system pathologies of varying degrees.

Medical specialists

Yuri Vadimovich Kushel
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Neurosurgeon
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Okhlopkov
PhD in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Neurosurgeon
Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Fomochkina
PhD in Medical Sciences, otorhinolaryngologist, otoneurologist

Specialization of the clinic


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