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Sanatorium-resort treatment consists of a series of regular medical procedures, carried out according to the patient's disease profile, recommended to be taken for a period of 14-21 days.

Sanatorium-resort treatment aims to:
✓activate the body's immune system for the prevention of diseases and health improvement;
✓restore and compensate for the functions of the body, disrupted due to injuries, surgeries, and chronic diseases, reduce the number of exacerbations, extend the remission period, slow down the progression of diseases.

Even a short stay in a sanatorium for general health improvement will help you restore your strength. Guests enjoy swimming pools, gymnasiums, follow a balanced diet, undergo general health procedures, actively spend time outdoors, and enjoy the warm mild climate and mineral waters.

We will help you choose a clinic or sanatorium and advise on all issues
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We process applications within 3 days and form an offer for you with various accommodation and treatment options. During this time, we translate medical documents, provide them to medical institutions, receive an answer and return to you with finalized options. 
You pay for your peace of mind. We will help you get a visa, issue an invitation to Russia, organize logistics and accommodation, provide an interpreter - and all this at a price below the market.
We provide an interpreter on the days of arrival and departure, as well as for the first full day of medical examinations. In addition, your personal manager will be in touch 24 hours a day throughout your stay in Russia - if necessary, you can contact him online. You can expand the package of translation services for an additional fee at a price 2 times lower than the market price.
We meet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel and medical facility. During the stay, we will help organize logistics, and on the day of departure we will accompany you to the airport.

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