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S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution

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About the clinic

The Federal State Institution "Eye Microsurgery named after S.N. Fedorov" is one of the largest complexes in Russia and the world for the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases. The clinic conducts a comprehensive eye examination using innovative techniques and the results of its own research achievements.

The activities of the Fedorov Medical Center cover all areas related to eye treatment, including:

•    operations on the retina;
•    cataract treatment;
•    glaucoma treatment;
•    corneal surgery;
•    laser vision correction;
•    anti-angiogenic therapy;
•    refractive surgery;
•    eye cancer treatment, removal of neoplasms;
•    reconstructive surgery and cosmetic correction.

The Fedorov Clinic makes a significant contribution to the development of ophthalmology as a science at the international level. Specialists working in the team of the center take an active part in scientific work on the development and implementation of the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, technologies that allow taking science to a new level. The achievements of the clinic in the field of scientific activity are used in centers throughout Russia and in international ophthalmological practice.

Fedorov Ophthalmology hospital in numbers:

•    More than 19 million patients have been admitted to clinic branches across the country.
•    More than 300 thousand operations to restore vision, treat glaucoma, cataracts, oncology and other ailments are performed annually.
•    More than 30,000 citizens of other countries received the Fedorov Ophthalmological Center over the past year.
•    More than 90% of all applied foreign patients underwent diagnostics and surgical treatment at the Fedorov Clinic.

The most complex operations, which have no analogues in the world, are performed at the Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Center. For foreign patients, it offers a full range of services, comfortable accommodation and assistance in communicating with Russian-speaking medical staff. World-class medical care is available to everyone, regardless of citizenship and language of communication.

Prices at the hospital

Ophthalmological examination (laser vision correction, scleroplasty, strabismus)
from $97
from $661
Lens implantation
from $1290
from $1161
from $323
Vitreoretinal surgery
from $1290
Implantation of artificial iris
from $2016
Corneal transplantation with conjunctival inversions
from $2050
Transplantation of the corneal-prosthetic complex
from $2050
Operations and courses of conservative treatment
from $3226
Laser coagulation of the retina
from $210
Laser iridectomy
from $242
Through corneal plastic surgery
from $3710
Squint surgery
from $1532
from $565
Removal of benign formations of the eyelids and conjunctiva
from $323
Laser vision correction (one eye)
from $1129
Phacoemulsification of cataracts
from $968
Implantation of artificial iris
from $2097
Antiglaucomatous operations
from $968
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More than 3/4 of the world's population is faced with eye diseases, many of which lead to partial or complete loss of vision. Russian medicine is at the forefront in the fight for the health of vision organs.

The Fedorov Clinic occupies a leading position in the study, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases not only in Russia but also abroad. Advanced diagnostic and treatment methods, the introduction of innovative equipment, the professionalism of the staff are the qualities on which the clinic's activities are based. One of the goals of the center is to make qualified assistance and the latest achievements in the field of ophthalmology available to everyone.

The ophthalmological complex unites research and training centers, experimental laboratories and clinics equipped with the latest medical technical developments. Thanks to this, it is the Fedorov Clinic that contributes to the rapid and progressive development of ophthalmological science in Russia and brings it to the world level.

МНТК «Микрохирургия глаза им. академика С.Н. Фёдорова»

More than 8 million patients got rid of eye diseases in the Fedorov clinic, more than 20 million patients underwent a comprehensive examination and conservative treatment

The Fedorov Clinic provides diagnostics and treatment of all types of ophthalmic diseases in adult and pediatric patients. The latest diagnostic equipment and state-of-the-art equipment of the operating units allow to perform unique operations of high complexity, including those for young children. The best surgeons of the country work in the clinic, promising doctors are trained with subsequent practice in the branches of the complex. The Fedorov Ophthalmological Center is actively engaged in research activities.

All this allows to perform eye operations of any complexity. The high professionalism and productivity of the staff ensure a large volume of transactions without long queues. About 92% of all ophthalmic surgeries in Russia are performed at the Fedorov Medical Center.

Taken together, the branches of the Fedorov Clinic perform more than 300,000 operations per year. 85% of them are of the highest complexity level

The clinic's own research centers have developed more than 600 innovative medical technologies used to diagnose and treat eye diseases. This makes it possible to carry out the most complex operations in ophthalmology which have no analogues in Russia. The technologies available at the Fedorov Clinic are superior to those that are used in many foreign ophthalmological centers.

The branches of the Fedorov Center have extensive experience in working with foreign patients. The hospitals have all the conditions for a comfortable stay throughout the entire period of treatment and during postoperative recovery, which eliminates the need to travel to the clinic every day. Patients from foreign countries are provided with a high standard of service, conditions are created for free communication with medical personnel without knowing the language.

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