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Institute of Nuclear Medicine

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About the clinic

The Institute of Nuclear Medicine is part of the multidisciplinary clinic "Medicina" in Moscow. It consists of two divisions:

  • Outpatient Diagnostic Complex
  • Radionuclide Support Complex

The Institute uses modern methods of diagnostics and treatment that meet world health standards, and has its own production of pharmaceuticals for radiation therapy. It is one of the leading medical institutions in Russia in the field of diagnosis and treatment of cancerous tumors.

Modern diagnostic methods

In the clinic’s diagnostic complex traditional research methods are combined with the latest advances in the field of cancer recognition, including its recognition at early stages.

Radiological technologies include the following types of research:

  • radionuclide types of cancer diagnostics: PET-CT and SPECT;
  • beam scanning methods: MRI and CT.

The latest hardware provides high accuracy and a comprehensive approach to diagnostics.

Effective Treatments

Oncological diseases are treated at the institute by specialists with at least 30 years of experience. Wide opportunities in the field of world-class radionuclide technologies make it possible to achieve high efficiency in the treatment of oncological diseases.

Along with its own achievements in the field of research and development of nuclear medicine technologies for the treatment of cancer patients, the institute uses the successful experience of foreign colleagues – methods developed in leading clinics in Germany and the USA.

The Institute of Nuclear Medicine is at the forefront in the fight against oncology in Russia. It has JCI, EFQM Awards and other certificates confirming compliance with international standards. For patients undergoing treatment, the best accommodation conditions are provided in superior comfort wards. The technical and inpatient capabilities of the institute allow more than 207,999 people to be treated annually.

Medical specialists

Olga Alexandrovna Kravets
Head of the Brachytherapy Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, doctor of the highest category.
Korney Sergeevich Tevs
Head of the radiotherapy department, radiotherapist
Svetlana Ivanovna Kot
Head of the Department Radionuclide Therapy Department, doctor of the first qualification category

Specialization of the clinic


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