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About the clinic

The clinic is a multidisciplinary medical institution, with personalized diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation as its priority areas. A modern diagnostic center has been created in the clinic to conduct high-quality diagnostics.

Clinic "Lancet" is equipped only with modern equipment, which minimizes the risks of diagnostic errors. Accurate diagnosis is the key to effective treatment and quick recovery. The clinic presents equipment from American, German, Japanese, Italian, French, and Korean manufacturers.

The clinic "Lancet" specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery, dentistry, cosmetology, and medical rehabilitation.

The doctors of the clinic perform aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries with full rehabilitation, round-the-clock medical care, privacy, and confidentiality. Patients of the clinic are accompanied by a personal manager throughout their stay, ensuring comfort and peace of mind.

Modern high-tech equipment guarantees accurate diagnosis and a painless and comfortable treatment process for patients. A team of qualified doctors provides services to both adults and children.

It is a perfect place for those who choose a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The clinic "Lancet" is located on the territory of a hotel, situated on the first coastline with an individual approach to each guest. The hotel offers comfortable rooms in the categories of Standard Premium and Luxe Premium. Each room's balcony offers a picturesque view of the mountain range or the sparkling waters under the sun's rays. At any time, guests can relax in the fresh air in areas furnished with comfortable furniture.

Medical specialists

Igor Gennadievich Kobzar
Natalia Ivanovna Kovalevskaya
Deputy Chief Medical Officer. Otorhinolaryngologist.
Vladimir Ivanovich Cherevashenko
Deputy CEO. Head doctor.

Specialization of the clinic

General surgery
Internal Medicine
Outpatient surgery
Reconstructive surgery

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