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JSC "Medicina"

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About the clinic

Clinic "Medicina" is a medical care center that includes several departments:

  • General polyclinic
  • Day and 24-hour in-patient department
  • emergency station
  • Cancer Center “Sofia”Sofia

The wide profile medical center provides a high quality of services and care for patients. Within one clinic, you can get competent help from specialists, take tests and undergo treatment. Patients are treated by doctors of the highest category, leading experts in their field, academicians, professors, corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Clinic "Medicina" in numbers

  • 1990 - the year of foundation of the medical center in Moscow.
  • 300+ doctors of different specializations take care of the health of patients.
  • 69 destinations for individuals and legal entities.
  • 27/7 ambulance service with instant departure to patients.

Modern clinic that meets international standards

JSC "Medicina" operates under a license from the Department of Health of the Russian Federation. It is the only center in the country accredited by the US JCI Commission – an authoritative international organization dealing with the accreditation of medical institutions. The clinic has received many awards in the field of medicine.

Supervising doctor for each patient

The path of treatment is supervised by the coordinating doctor. This ensures high efficiency of interaction with the clinic. Thus, you can get the results of laboratory and instrumental studies, doctor's recommendations within a day after treatment. A wide diagnostic base makes it possible to perform general, specialized and rare types of analyzes and studies within the clinic.

Smart rooms with smart home control

Smart-палаты с управлением по принципу «умный дом»

The hospital rooms of the medical center with a designer interior are equipped according to the standards of a 5-star hotel. You can control the climate and other systems remotely according to the “smart home” principle. All patients are provided with personal nutrition according to the recommendations of the attending physician.

Ease of information sharing

All patients of the clinic have access to the results of laboratory tests, studies, medical history online at any time and from anywhere in the world. If necessary, this data can be obtained on a CD.

JSC "Medicina" is a multidisciplinary clinic of the international level of service. The activities of the institution cover almost all areas of medicine, therapeutic and surgical treatment, emergency care. The areas of specialization include endocrinology, therapy, pediatrics, reproductive medicine (IVF), gynecology, urology, cardiology, oncology, rehabilitation and much more. Treatment in the clinic is individually directed, with all needs of each patient being taken into account.

Medical specialists

Marina Alexandrovna Varganova
Doctor of functional diagnostics of the highest category, member of the European associations EAPC, EACVI
Elena Nikolaevna Zhukova
Oncologist, member of the Russian Society of Mammology, European Cancer Society ESMO
Mukhamed Anatolievich Bzhedugov
Neurosurgeon with extensive experience in operations on the brain and spinal cord, spine and peripheral nerves.

Specialization of the clinic

Internal Medicine
Outpatient surgery
Reproductive medicine

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