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Federal Medical Research Center of Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin

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About the clinic

Federal Medical Research Center of Oncology of the Russian Ministry of Health is the largest scientific medical research center in Russia and in the world, which has the best innovative technologies in the field of cancer diagnostics and treatment.

More than 213,000 patients from all over the world visit the Cancer Center every year. They receive care from doctors with unique experience, at prices below the global prices in the field of cancer treatment.

The purpose of the National Research Center named after N.N. Blokhin is continuous improvement of the quality and availability of oncological care. To achieve this goal, the specialists of the Center are working to improve the standards of medical care and introduce the latest technologies.

Facts about the Russian National Research Center of Oncology:

- treatment of oncological diseases in adults and children is performed in accordance with international standards;
- a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to each patient;
- the strongest oncosurgical school known all over the world;
- all types of modern operations - organ-preserving, reconstructive plastic (including using 3D printing), minimally invasive (laparo- and thoracoscopic, robot-assisted), advanced and unique, designed to save patients with advanced stages of the disease;
- modern diagnostics - instrumental (MRI, PET-CT) and laboratory (cytological, histological, microbiological, genetic analyzes);
- own scientific developments that improve the quality of diagnostic studies, eliminating the risk of errors or inaccurate diagnoses;
- all types of drug treatment, radionuclide therapy, remote and intraorgan radiation therapy, interventional radiology;
- endoscopic center equipped with the most modern equipment;
- endoscopic diagnostics and surgery, including cryobiopsy and cryodestruction of tumors;
- all types of bone marrow transplantation;
- comprehensive rehabilitation of cancer patients;
- availability of absolutely all modern diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures within one institution;
- - the largest educational center for oncologists.

The clinical departments of the Cancer Center offer a full range of modern medical technologies and methods of diagnostics and treatment based on the latest scientific developments in the field of anesthesiology and resuscitation, oncology, pediatric oncology, ultrasound diagnostics, radiology, endovascular diagnostics and treatment, clinical laboratory diagnostics, genetics, endoscopy and pathological anatomy.

Morphological, immunological and genetic methods in the diagnosis of tumors are being studied and improved. Unique operations are being carried out. Own methods of tumor immunotherapy are being developed. Combined treatment of patients is carried out. Advanced technologies for the rehabilitation of cancer patients are being introduced.

National Research Center of Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin is trusted by thousands of people to save their lives, and the doctors of the medical center successfully cope with this task, which is confirmed by the recognition of the center by the international community. Today the National Research Center of Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin is:
- A member of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) at the World Health Organization (WHO);
- A member of the Association of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) in Geneva;
- Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology as part of the N.N. Blokhin Center is a member of the European Group for Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation (EBMT).

If you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer, contact us to undergo treatment in N.N. Blokhin Research Center. Its highly qualified specialists, modern equipment, an individual approach and the convenience of obtaining medical services will help to cope with the disease in the shortest possible time, while maintaining the quality of life.

Medical specialists

Nune Vanunievna Manityan
Head of the Department, Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator, Leading Researcher, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Vsevolod Borisovich Matveev
Deputy Director for Scientific and Innovative Work, Head of the Surgical Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Svetlana Nikolaevna Mikhailova
Head of the Department, Pediatric Oncologist, Leading Researcher, Ph.D.

Specialization of the clinic


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