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Discover Revolutionary Organ Transplantation in Russia: Where Expertise Meets Affordability

For patients in need of life-saving organ transplantation, Russia offers a truly cutting-edge and affordable solution. Russian medical institutions, led by highly skilled transplantologists, have significantly advanced in various domains of organ transplantation. Let's journey into the world of kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, intestinal, and corneal transplantation in Russia, where unmatched expertise, competitive prices, and world-class facilities await medical tourists.

Renowned Transplantation Expertise

Russian transplantologists have gained global recognition for their expertise and exceptional success rates in organ transplantation. Prominent medical centers, such as the Botkin Moscow Hospital, Sklifasovsky Medical Research Institute, and the Center for Transplantology and Artificial Organs named after Academician V. I. Shumakov, offer an extraordinary blend of heritage, comprehensive scientific bases, and state-of-the-art infrastructures. These centers have cultivated a rich legacy that places Russia at the forefront of European medical centers.

Kidney Transplantation

The transplantation of kidneys leads the field, with Russian transplantologists skillfully performing numerous procedures annually, frequently connected to both living and deceased donor transplantation. The country boasts some of Europe's lowest waiting times, allowing patients to receive prompt, life-changing treatments.

Liver Transplantation

Committed to liver transplantation excellence, Russian medical institutions excel in advanced surgical techniques. Both orthotropic liver transplantation from deceased donors and living donor liver transplantation are routinely practiced with exceptional proficiency. Collaborations between highly skilled hepatobiliary surgical teams and dedicated transplant coordinators ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Heart and Lung Transplantation

Russia delivers remarkable progress in the domains of heart and lung transplantation. Equipped with leading-edge onsite cardiac centers, eminent cardiovascular specialists conduct intricate transplant surgeries with exceptional precision. This life-changing procedure endows cardiac and respiratory patients with newfound hope and a potential for a restored, healthier life.

Pancreatic and Intestinal Transplantation

With innovative techniques and revolutionary approaches, Russian transplantologists master the intricacies of pancreatic and intestinal transplantation, liberating patients from incapacitating conditions and resolving hormonal inadequacies. Through multidisciplinary collaboration and exceptional surgical finesse, medical professionals successfully perform these complex surgeries, enhancing patients' quality of life.

Corneal Transplantation

In the realm of ophthalmology, Russian transplantologists exhibit remarkable advancements in corneal transplantation. Pioneering procedures, including the application of DSAEK/DSMEK and Lamellar Keratoplasty techniques, offer renewed vision to those suffering from corneal impairments. Equipped with the latest ophthalmic technologies, renowned ophthalmologists flawlessly master these procedures.

Affordable yet World-Class Treatment

One of the most compelling features of seeking organ transplantation in Russia is the remarkable affordability it offers without compromising on quality. Not only do patients receive advanced surgical techniques and comprehensive pre- and post-operative care, but they also benefit from comparably lower costs when compared to other countries without any compromise to efficacy or safety standards.

Freedom from the constraints of organ failure is closer than ever before, with competitive prices making Russia ever more enticing to medical tourists worldwide. Contact us and embrace the opportunity to be treated at state-owned medical institutions boasting extensive scientific history.

Clinics for transplantation in Russia

National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named after. A.N. Bakulev
The A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is a world-class...
National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery named after Academician N.N. Burdenko
The National Medical Research Center of Neurosurgery named after Academician N.N. Burdenko is the largest neurosurgical institution in the Russian...
National Medical and Surgical Center named after Pirogova
National Medical and Surgical Center named after Pirogova is one of the most influential multidisciplinary medical centers in Russia. It carries out...
Sanatorium “Dolina Narzanov”, Kislovodsk
The sanatorium is built in the Art Nouveau style. There are eleven buildings on the territory: sleeping, medical, sports and service buildings. The...
Sanatorium “Dolina Narzanov”, Nalchik
The sanatorium is located in the Dolinsk district, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Caucasus range. On the territory of the sanatorium...
Sanatorium “Dolina Narzanov”, Essentuki
The sanatorium is located in the very center of the city, just 100 meters from the green park, in which the drinking pump rooms of the famous springs...
Sanatorium "Oktyabrsky" Sochi
The sanatorium "Oktyabrsky" is located on the Black Sea coast in the central district of Sochi. The sanatorium specializes in the treatment...
Sanatorium "Mys Vidny" Sochi
A sanatorium in the city of Sochi, which attracts vacationers with truly clean air with the aroma of pine needles. "Cape Vidny" is optimally...
Sanatorium "Chernomorye" Sochi
Sochi is the best seaside climatic and balneological resort, while the only one where you can go skiing on snowy slopes and soak up the warm sea in...
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How we work and what we are ready to offer

Sputnik med is your guide on the path to health. We make sure that you receive competent treatment in the best clinics and sanatoriums in Russia and accompany you at all stages.

You do not need to look for where to get treatment in Russia on your own: we will select the best offers based on the goals (treatment or recovery), the profile of the medical organization and the budget. Well-established relations with clinics and sanatoriums in Russia (in the Caucasus, Crimea, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.) allow us to offer optimal conditions for any requests of patients.

Going for treatment to clinics and sanatoriums in Russia, you get full support from us:

  • selection of optimal treatment and rehabilitation programs, informing of all upcoming expenses;
  • assistance in choosing the best offer, preparing documentation and signing an agreement with a medical organization (representatives of a clinic, sanatorium or rehabilitation center in Russia);
  • support in obtaining a visa, arranging a medical invitation, which will help you process documents faster and easily go through customs;
  • meeting at the airport and escort to the hotel or sanatorium, assistance with check-in;
  • for treatment in clinics without inpatient stay, we will select convenient places of residence (hotels, guest houses, private rentals) near the place of treatment and help with check-in.

An interpreter will accompany you at the main medical procedures, and throughout your stay in the Russian Federation, he will accompany you online. This will help you feel comfortable in a foreign language environment and understand all the processes of treatment: the interpreter has a good command of medical terminology.


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