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Neurological disorders

Neurological Treatments and Neurosurgery in Russia: world-leading level of treatment in specialized hospitals

Neurological disorders, such as brain tumors and spinal cord injuries, can have a profound impact on individuals and families. However, Russia stands at the forefront of cutting-edge neurological treatments, supplementing them with a prowess for complex neurosurgical interventions. A hub of refined expertise, the country offers an array of specialized treatments that redefine possibilities and bring hope to those battling neurological conditions.

Specialized Treatment for Neurological Disorders

Russian medical establishments have embraced comprehensive and specialized treatment protocols designed to address a diverse range of neurological disorders. Their neurologists and neurosurgeons excel in diagnosing and managing complex conditions, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to optimal patient care.

Brain Tumor Treatment

When confronting brain tumors, Russian medical facilities merge expertise with advanced technologies, establishing the perfect interplay between professionals, leading to remarkable outcomes. Hailed for using cutting-edge surgical techniques like awake craniotomy, intraoperative MRI, and navigation systems, neurosurgeons strive for maximal tumor resection while preserving brain function delicate regions.

Spinal Cord Injury Management

From complete paralysis to milder neurological deficits, spinal cord injuries pose significant challenges. In Russia, a multi-disciplinary and patient-centered approach drives quality care for individuals navigating such conditions. Specialists offer an integrated treatment framework focused on regaining function, minimizing complications, and enhancing long-term quality of life.

Revolutionary Neurosurgical Procedures

Recognized for their transformative results, Russia's leading neurosurgical centers luxuriate in the revolutionary realm of complex neurosurgery. Armed with cutting-edge technology, illustrious neurosurgeons skillfully perform intricate procedures elevating Russia's eminence on the global neurosurgical landscape.

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

DBS has witnessed unprecedented advances in Russia. Throughout this sophisticated surgical technique, electrodes are meticulously implanted in specific regions of the brain to modulate irregular neuronal activity associated with movement disorders and psychiatric conditions. Numerous patients have gained enhanced control over symptoms, regaining independence in their daily lives.

Vascular Neurosurgery

Russia excels in the field of vascular neurosurgery, utilizing advanced techniques and technologies to mitigate the effects of complex cerebrovascular diseases. Renowned neurosurgeons perform delicate and intricate procedures such as aneurysm coiling or clipping, arteriovenous malformation (AVM) embolization, and carotid endarterectomy, endeavoring to restore optimal blood flow to critical areas of the brain.

Functional Neurosurgery

Heralding a new era of hope, functional neurosurgery procedures undertaken in Russia alleviate the most incapacitating symptoms associated with neurological and psychiatric disorders. Techniques include deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, and dystonia management, along with subsequent programming and follow-up care.

Russian medical establishments have gained global admiration for their dedication to neurosurgical excellence and a comprehensive approach to neurological treatments. By amalgamating cutting-edge technologies, multidisciplinary collaboration, and unparalleled surgical finesse, these centers extend hope and improved quality of life to patients battling brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological conditions.

For individuals seeking the most advanced neurological treatments, Russia represents a beacon of possibility and transformation. Based on the combination of pioneering technologies, specialized treatment protocols, and acclaimed neurosurgical expertise, the country's legacy as a destination for innovative neurological care continues to ascend.

To get opinion of Russian neurologists and neurosurgeons regarding your case, you can contact us and get all the details from our managers. We will send your medical report to the leading hospitals and provide doctors’ feedback. If you decide to travel, we will make sure that every aspect of your treatment and stay in Russia is arranged in the best way possible.

Clinics for the treatment of neurological diseases in Russia

National Research Center for Rehabilitation and Balneology
The Center uses a unique combination of various classical and innovative rehabilitation techniques based on the clinical experience of applying modern...
JSC "Medicina"
A general medical center is a high quality of services and patient care.
National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery named after Academician N.N. Burdenko
The National Medical Research Center of Neurosurgery named after Academician N.N. Burdenko is the largest neurosurgical institution in the Russian...
Sanatorium “Dolina Narzanov”, Kislovodsk
The sanatorium is built in the Art Nouveau style. There are eleven buildings on the territory: sleeping, medical, sports and service buildings. The...
Sanatorium “Dolina Narzanov”, Nalchik
The sanatorium is located in the Dolinsk district, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Caucasus range. On the territory of the sanatorium...
Sanatorium “Dolina Narzanov”, Essentuki
The sanatorium is located in the very center of the city, just 100 meters from the green park, in which the drinking pump rooms of the famous springs...
Sanatorium "Oktyabrsky" Sochi
The sanatorium "Oktyabrsky" is located on the Black Sea coast in the central district of Sochi. The sanatorium specializes in the treatment...
Sanatorium "Mys Vidny" Sochi
A sanatorium in the city of Sochi, which attracts vacationers with truly clean air with the aroma of pine needles. "Cape Vidny" is optimally...
Sanatorium "Chernomorye" Sochi
Sochi is the best seaside climatic and balneological resort, while the only one where you can go skiing on snowy slopes and soak up the warm sea in...
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How we work and what we are ready to offer

Sputnik med is your guide on the path to health. We make sure that you receive competent treatment in the best clinics and sanatoriums in Russia and accompany you at all stages.

You do not need to look for where to get treatment in Russia on your own: we will select the best offers based on the goals (treatment or recovery), the profile of the medical organization and the budget. Well-established relations with clinics and sanatoriums in Russia (in the Caucasus, Crimea, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.) allow us to offer optimal conditions for any requests of patients.

Going for treatment to clinics and sanatoriums in Russia, you get full support from us:

  • selection of optimal treatment and rehabilitation programs, informing of all upcoming expenses;
  • assistance in choosing the best offer, preparing documentation and signing an agreement with a medical organization (representatives of a clinic, sanatorium or rehabilitation center in Russia);
  • support in obtaining a visa, arranging a medical invitation, which will help you process documents faster and easily go through customs;
  • meeting at the airport and escort to the hotel or sanatorium, assistance with check-in;
  • for treatment in clinics without inpatient stay, we will select convenient places of residence (hotels, guest houses, private rentals) near the place of treatment and help with check-in.

An interpreter will accompany you at the main medical procedures, and throughout your stay in the Russian Federation, he will accompany you online. This will help you feel comfortable in a foreign language environment and understand all the processes of treatment: the interpreter has a good command of medical terminology.


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